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Someone's Ancestor Sunday - Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) Photo Album - Part 1

A collage of photographs from the old album.
As I mentioned in my previous blog post Please don't throw it person's trash is another's treasure (26 Nov. 2010) 

"Recently an old photograph album has come into the possession of my Mum and I. The cousin who gave it to us didn't know anyone in the photos and told us we could throw it out if we wanted. One look at the album and Mum and I are sure the photographs show relatives of my great great grandmother Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) who immigrated to Australia from Killow, Clareabbey, County Clare, Ireland. The photos appear to date from the 1880s/1890s."

Mary Ellen Blain (nee Hehir) (1865-1952) c1880s.
Photograph by Imperial, 109 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.
Only one photograph from the album has since been identified - she is Mary Ellen Blain (nee Hehir) (1865-1952) daughter of Patrick and Margaret (nee Moloney) Hehir, Grand daughter of Patrick and Bridget (nee O'Neill) Hehir of Killow, Clareabbey, County Clare. It is believed that Patrick Hehir was probably a brother of Timothy Hehir (My 3rd Great Grandfather, Susan's father). Timothy is possibly Thaddeus Hehir mentioned in the Griffiths Valuations in 1855

Timothy Hehir was married to Ann McMahon (it is believed she died during the Great Famine) so the photographs in Susan's album could possibly relate to McMahon relatives as well as to Hehirs. 

Searches on Ancestry, Trove and Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages Indexes have revealed that there were a lot of Hehir/O'Hehir/Hair/O'Hair/Heir/O'Heir/Haire/O'Haire/Hare/O'Hare (and variations, I think this must be the surname in my family tree with the most variations!) who came to Australia, with many from County Clare. Those Australian Hehirs I have found online who have photographs sometimes have a family resemblance - so chances are they may have been related back in Ireland! It is known that some Hehirs probably related to Susan (other descendants of Patrick Hehir and Bridget O'Neill mentioned above) went to the USA, so I am interested in hearing from anyone across the world who might see even a hint of a family resemblance!  

My Great Great Grandmother Susan Ellis (nee Hehir) can be seen on my blog banner - she is second from the left. 

Over the coming Sundays I will feature one unnamed unknown photograph from Susan's album per week. Hopefully I can solve a few mysteries with a little help from other genealogists. 

(Sources available on request).

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