Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Blogging Theme - Someone's Ancestor Sunday

I came up with the idea for a new blogging theme, Someone's Ancestor Sunday, after thinking some more about my previous post Please don't throw it person's trash is another's treasure

Every family historian comes across thousands of names, documents and photographs during their research. Someone's Ancestor Sunday will allow me to post information I find that might be useful for someone else's research. For example: 

  • Research and documents related to families which are not directly connected to my own family tree (for example, families with the same surname, neighbours, work associates, people who came to Australia on the same ship as my ancestors etc.)
  • 'Lost' photographs that have no names (either those I have in my own possession or those I find elsewhere).  I will try to put as much information regarding the provenance of the photographs as I can.  I am also a great believer in family resemblances as a clue to genealogy research! 
  • Documents from my own family history that mention other people. 
  • Great web sites or sources that could help other researchers find 'stray' ancestors. 
  • 'Lost' family items (medals, photographs etc.) for sale online as collectables - who knows, maybe someday I will find something from my own family history!?!

Wedding photograph from The Graphics Fairy blog.
Another thing that inspired this new blogging theme was seeing these old wedding photographs on The Graphics Fairy blog.  I thought to myself "they are someone's ancestors, I bet somewhere there is a descendant who would love to know about those photographs". So I decided I would help to spread the word. Anytime I find something in an unexpected place that I feel might be useful for another researcher somewhere, I'll blog about it! 

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