Monday, January 17, 2011

Mappy Monday - Melbourne University Rare & Historical Maps Collection

Melbourne University Rare & Historical Maps Collection

"The Map Collection includes approximately 15,000 rare historic maps of countries and regions from around the world, the majority representing Australia. This includes some of the earliest cartographic works by explorers of Australiasia and the pacific." 

Many of the maps from this collection are digitised and available online through the High Resolution Historical Map Image Database. These include Melbourne Historic Map Collection, Victoria Maps Collection, Australian Maps (except Victoria), World Maps (except Australia) and other collections

Below is an example of the type of map you can discover. The image viewer, while not the easiest or fastest image viewer I have used, allows users to zoom in or out (through five different magnification levels), rotate left or right, save the image, send the image by email or print the image. The thumbnail view on the right hand side of the screen allows users to chose which portion of the map they want to look at in greater detail.

1861 Map of the Ballarat Goldfields
I hope you find some of the maps available through the Melbourne University Rare & Historic Maps Collections web site useful for your genealogy research!

Happy researching. 

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  1. I’ve nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award. My blog post today will tell you a bit more about it:

    I’m looking forward to your on-going posts.


  2. Thank you very much Kerry for this nomination :)
    I do hope to post on this blog much more frequently this year.
    Thank you again for the honour!

  3. This post only turned up in my RSS feed today!
    Thanks for the link - I will use it to find resources on sites of my Victorian branches.


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