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Beginners Guides to Genealogy & Family History Research - Part 3 - Books and Magazines

This is part 3 of my posts about Beginners Guides to Genealogy & Family History. You can also view Part 1 (online videos) and Part 2 (online guides)
Part 3 will feature books and magazines, with an emphasis on genealogy and family history research in Australia and the UK.

Books for Family History Beginners
I will start with a selection of beginners books I own myself. 

Who Do You Think You Are? 
Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History (Australian edition) by Angelo Loukakis. This guide is useful for absolute beginner Australian family historians, particularly for those who have become interested in family history through viewing the previous two series' of the Australian version of the television show Who Do You Think You Are? This book also give brief overviews of different periods of Australian history and examples from the family history journeys of the Australian celebrities who featured in Season 1. 

Compiling Your Family History. This is a small (48 pages) but useful book for beginners, prepared by the Society of Australian Genealogists, Sydney. Currently in its 22nd edition, published in 2008. 

Family History on the Cheap
Family History on the Cheap by Shauna Hicks, contains many useful tips for beginners and advanced Australian family historians alike. This book, along with several other publications for Australian family historians, was published this year by Unlock the Past. I am looking forward to some of Unlock the Past's upcoming publications

Another Australian beginners guide which I do not have a copy of myself but have seen highly recommended is Family History for Beginners and Beyond compiled by the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra. It is currently in its 14th edition, published in 2009. 

Tracing Your Family History in Australia
Tracing Your Family History in Australia: A National Guide to Sources by the late Nick Vine Hall, is another book I would highly recommend for beginners in Australia. 

Mark Herber's Ancestral Trails: The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History is a comprehensive (896 pages) book covering many aspects of genealogy and family history research in the UK.  Highly recommended. 

Elizabeth Shown Mills' Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace is a far more advanced book (and rather large at 888 pages) but very useful for family historians who may be interested in the academic aspects of family history, such as source citation and evidence analysis.  I recommend this book for any beginners who want to start their research on the right foot!

Books for Beginners: Specific Repositories

National Archives of Australia (NAA)
Finding Families: The Guide to the National Archives of Australia for Genealogists

Family Journeys: Stories from the National Archives of Australia

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)
Private Lives, Public Records is a guide to the records available at the PROV for family historians. I received this book as a Christmas gift from my Mum in 2003. It really boosted my interest in family history as I was fascinated by all the historical documents that existed. I highly recommend this book for any beginners with ancestors in Victoria. 

Magazines for Family History Beginners

Australian Family Tree Connections is an Australian independent monthly family history magazine which features many interesting family stories submitted by readers, as well as 'how to' articles, useful addresses for genealogical societies and dates for current and upcoming genealogy events across Australia and New Zealand. 

Genealogical and historical societies often have their own magazines or journals. For example, the Genealogical Society of Victoria produces an excellent quarterly journal, Ancestor. You can find links to various Genealogical and historical societies on Cora Num's Web Sites for Genealogists

The Genealogical Society of Victoria Online Bookshop has a selection of genealogy magazines available for sale. You can also find some of these magazine in newsagents across Australia. 
Another option is to read the back issues (and current issues) or genealogy magazines at your local public library or in the library of your local family history society. 

Some other genealogy magazines I have enjoyed reading in the past include: 

Note: Your Family Tree magazine is known in Australia as Your Family History. The newer magazine in the UK known as Your Family History is known in Australia as Tracing Family History. Confusing but true!

A new history magazine, Inside History, has recently been launched in Australia, but I have as yet not bought a copy! Hopefully I will do so soon. 

Where you can buy beginners books
National Archives of Australia Online Shop (NAA publications)

Public Record Office Victoria Online Shop (PROV publications)
Gould Genealogy & History 
Society of Australian Genealogists Bookshop: How To Books
Genealogical Society of Victoria Bookshop: Getting Started and Guides

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