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Beginners Guides to Genealogy & Family History Research - Part 2 - Online Guides

This is part 2 of my posts about Beginners Guides to Genealogy & Family History. You can view Part 1 (Online Videos) here.

Part 2 will feature online guides, with an emphasis on genealogy and family history research in Australia and the UK.

Queensland Genealogist Judy Webster gives some good general advice for beginners on her web site: Genealogy Basics.

Graham Jaunay's Adelaide Proformat web site includes a guide to Getting started in family history research.

Barry Leadbeater's Family History South Australia web site includes a guide to Starting your family tree.

The web site for the monthly Australian family history magazine Australia Family Tree Connections includes a Getting Started page which gives the useful 'Golden Rules of Genealogy' as well as references to beginners articles in previous issues of the magazine.

Unlock The Past - How Do I Start Tracing My Family?
Unlock the Past have a very useful introductory article written by Shauna Hicks - ‘How Do I Start Tracing My Family? - A Brief Introduction’. This article has many useful tips for beginners including: how and where you should start your research, what documents you should obtain and in what order, how you can keep your research organised and where else you can look for further help.

Shauna suggests visiting the web sites for state archives, state libraries and genealogical societies to see what ‘how to’ guides they offer. The following are links to family history guides available on the web sites of the various Australian State Libraries and Archives.

State Libraries
National Library of Australia - For Family Historians
National Library of Australia:
For Family Historians: Starting your research and Subject Guides

State Library of New South Wales:
Family History Research Guides and Family History Service

State Library of Victoria:
Research Guides - Family History and Family History Resources

Queensland State Library:
Information for family historians and Family History info guides (including Info Guide 3.1 How to Trace Your Family Tree)

State Library of Western Australia:
Guides to Family History

State Library of Tasmania - Family History
State Library of Tasmania:
Family History and Beginners Guide

State Library of South Australia:
LibGuides - Family History

Northern Territory Library:
Getting Started in Family History and Family History/Genealogy

National Archives of Australia - Family History
State Archives
National Archives of Australia
For Family Historians and Researching your family

State Records New South Wales:
Family/Local History and How to start your family history

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)
Family and Local History and PROVguide 51: Family History - Family History research at PROV
For more information about the PROV, see my earlier post.

Queensland State Archives:
Family History - Where to Start and Brief Guide 10 - Archives for Genealogists

State Records of South Australia:
Family History and Guides for Family History

State Records Office of Western Australia - Family History
State Records Office of Western Australia:
Family History

Archives Office of Tasmania:
Records Useful for Genealogical Research and Guides to Records and their use

Northern Territory Archive Service
The Archives Collection

Genealogical Societies
The Society of Australian Genealogists have a good collection of research guides.
Cora Num's Web Sites for Genealogists has links to many family history and historical societies from across Australia.

Other Beginners Guides
As I have stated in earlier posts, I am making a new start with my research and hope this time around to follow a detailed research process. The following are various descriptions of the genealogy research process which I have found useful.

FamilySearch Wiki contains other useful articles for beginners including: Organizing your files and Rookie Mistakes. Various other articles are tagged under the category Beginners

Several of the commercial family history online services have beginners guides including: - Beginners Questions for Australian Research by Jeremy Palmer. - Help and Advice Centre - Plan The Attack - Help and Advice Centre - Ten Common Research Mistakes - Getting Started - Knowledge Base

BBC Family History - Get Started
The BBC have a page titled Family History - Get Stated. They also have a main Family History page with various useful links.

The GENUKI web site has a guide to Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History.

There are also many Beginners links available on Cyndi's List.

Here are a few posts on other genealogy blogs with advice for beginners:

Do you know of any other good online beginners guides to genealogy and family history? If you do, please share them in a comment. Thanks. 

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